Directors and Officers

Board of Directors

Mario J. Gabelli
• Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of LICT Corporation
• Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer of GAMCO Investors, Inc.

Robert E. Dolan – CPA
• Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of LICT Corporation

Salvatore Muoio
• Managing Member of S. Muoio Co. LLC

Philip J. Lombardo
• Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel Communications

Dr. Avrum Gray
• Chariman and Chief Executive Officer – G-Bar Limited Partnership

Marc J. Gabelli
• Co-Chairman – GGCP, Inc.

Gary L. Sugarman
• Private Investor &  Managing Member-Richfield Capital Partners

Salvatore M. Salibello- CPA
• Senior Member of Bright Side Group, LLC.


Mario J. Gabelli
• Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

Daniel E. Hopkins
• President & Chief Financial Officer

Stephen J. Moore
 Vice President-Finance

Evelyn C. Jerden
• Senior Vice President- Regulatory Dynamics

John Aoki
• Controller